A lovely commission for Kallycakes uwu

In some vague attempt to try and start drawing regularly again, have something I started a month ago and hated after a while. Also trying a couple of new brushes but idk if i like them or not.


Soldier with a Pocket Medic

(and Pocket Soldier made by him)

holy crap this is addorible

You can’t keep them



You can’t keep them

(it’s a beautiful thing. i love rotd!solly )

Well I’ve tried reading ROTD multiple times but I’m going to try and actually sit through and read the whole thing finally. 

not because i’m avoiding my hw what are you talking about



Listen up ladies.

This year i have chosen to dress as one of America’s most deadliest warriors

The dinosaur. 

Oh my God that’s adorable as hell.

sweet baby jesus

So apperently I do these for commissions too….

Edit: This is a one time thing, I have been alerted to the fact that the original artist for these comics wishes the parody’s to stop and so this is the only one that I will make for commission. 

Either way Commission for Smexy-Medic hope you enjoy your silly comic

Commission info here

Such a cute student they are too


/rolls off into the shame cube

Sometimes we need to calm the others

Sometimes we get rather bored
apparently today is a gif day

Sometimes we get rather bored

apparently today is a gif day