• Tobias: well maybe i shoudn't be so insanely posessive
  • Tobias: becasue i'm looking at my tumblr crushes
  • Tobias: and while you both are at 4%
  • Tobias: masonmayormaynotbebeatingyou
  • Tobias: *cough*
  • [TB] Thunder: (⊙‿⊙✿)
  • [TB] Thunder: wat
  • Tobias: vell i zhink zhat ve can all just get along
  • Tobias: zhere was no need for me to send such a harsh lettah right?
  • [TB] Thunder: (⊙‿⊙✿)
  • Tobias: H-herr soldat, leibling?
  • Tobias: zhis means nozhing ^^;
  • [TB] Thunder: (◉‿◉✿)
  • Tobias jesus take the wheel
  • [TB] Thunder: I'm watching you, Doc
  • Tobias: Und i am vatching you U uU
  • [TB] Thunder finds the irony of the moment where we 'cheat' on each other with the same person
how my first rp really went how my first rp really went how my first rp really went how my first rp really went how my first rp really went how my first rp really went how my first rp really went

how my first rp really went

Welp i sure did draw a thing

We’ll call it Gift Art for Forkie (or whatever he’s calling calling himself) for popping my RP Cherry introducing me to the wonderful world of rping

yeah and thunder was there too i guess so you can come too.

  • Thunder: “OH DIS IS BAD” said heavy from under the bed :D … :D “doktor would you like some sandvich ( ・∀・)っ旦
  • Tobi: “…ja” And then medic ate the whole thing like a douche
  • Thunder: and then heavy cried long into the night (Tobi) while medic and soldier had sweet sweet love (Thunder) and spy watched disguised as a lamp and sent photos to BLU engineer who secretly had a thing for both of them
  • Tobi: But Tobi medic and Thunder soldier were okay with this. And the littlest engie was allowed on his feild trip to the land of soldic (Thunder) so he snuck in and stepped over the dumb RED engie and hopped on the bed, tying soldier down and romancing medic in front of him

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  • Tobias: "F(X) = x^4-6x^3+8x^2+2x-1" Said medic sexaly
  • Thunder: "o bby" said soldier, "you make my x function and my exponent rise in power."
  • Tobias: "i haf a problem herr soldat, und i need you to solve it" medic looked up like the kawaii motherfucker that he is "i need you to find X, und trust me" he suductivly said "its alllll real"
  • The Boston Basher: you didnt have to make me nearly die smoking though tobi
  • The Boston Basher: i inhale while it was still in the fire rbqwhrvqwgrvqw
  • Tobias: SH;HHHHH
  • Tobias: PAP
  • The Boston Basher: D:
  • Tobias: i'M RYING TO RIGHT
  • Tobias: i'ST NOT WORKING
  • The Boston Basher: Why ever not? o3o
  • The Boston Basher: :3
  • Tobias: jusT
  • Tobias: SH
  • Tobias: PAP
  • The Boston Basher: what if the onceler was voiced by sophia vegera
  • Tobias: adsfa
  • Tobias: GAWDDAMIT
  • The Boston Basher: lmao

tonight is just rp tastic

have some photos

Here are some reasons why I don’t draw hands in doodles

  • Tobias: i-it's not like i want you to hug me or anything
  • Tobias: baka
  • [TB] Thunder corners
  • [TB] Thunder slowly leans in
  • [TB] Thunder stares into eyes
  • Tobias: O//A//O
  • Tobias: you stay avay from me
  • [TB] Thunder: Doc? Can I ask you soemthing?
  • Tobias: V-vhat is it
  • [TB] Thunder leans in close to ear
  • [TB] Thunder: Do you like anal? (´・ω・`)
  • Tobias: ;IFUCKING NEKW
  • Tobias: IT
  • Tobias shudders involunaraly
  • Tobias: Herr soldat?
  • [TB] Thunder: Yes doc? (´・ω・`)
  • Tobias grabs a fist full of his jacket
  • Tobias pulls them flush against each other
  • Tobias: Don't ever email me again
  • Tobias CRITSAW
  • [TB] Thunder: njbhgvjcfdx