First show of the new year! There are two links for listening in through and we’ve been having a bit of technical difficulties figure out what works for which browsers

If the above link isn’t working try this one instead, and if nothing works give shout out telling me! 

I am always taking requests! Shoot me an ask and I’ll see if we’ve got it on the system, or if there’s music you want me to check out don’t hesitate to send me that my way as well.

Show doesn’t officially ‘start’ for another 30 minutes but I thought I’d get things started early.


We’re running Maintenance and junk today, so If you are tuning in there may be spouts of dead air in case we need to shut down the station, or random bits of talking as we test microphones

The flash player seems to be working with Chrome now! But if you have problems listening in don’t hesitate to send me an ask, its my job to make sure you guys have the best listening opportunity and I would love to hear from you.\

So music will be going, but expect shenanings every once in a while.

Did I ever metion I was was a DJ for my school? 

Me and DJ Katze are in the office today making sure the system is running fine in time for next week when the school actually starts.


Music still playing strong for another 2 hours or so! Drop on by for requests, or other stuff to talk about!


But hey if you wanna drop me a request feel free too, or a steam chat or whatever


That lovely time of the week once more, come and down for requests, I may or may not talk about random things and DJ Katze may be stopping by to rudely intrude on  my show have some fun with us~

Another hot day in the studio, come and bother me on steam or something while I’m stuck here


It’s that time of the week again my lovely people~ Come on by and drop off some requests. Ask questions about life and it’s mysterious ways, Or just kick back and listen to some tunes!

Awwww Yeah, time to sit in the hot studio once more. Come on and bug me cause I get bored fast 

Today’s doodles are my current icon and my new icon for my second blog (which is currently under-construction). Plus I don’t think I ever posted my current icon to here so you get that.