I’m opening commissions

I’ve never done this before so all I ask in advance is that you be patient with me 

Anyways! I’m hurting for keys right now cause there’s something that I’ve had my eye on for some time and might as well try and get it. So I’m opening Commissions For Team Fortress 2 Keys

Keep in mind folks: I am not good with animation and I work 90% of the stuff I draw is really silly

Contact me through my Ask box or through my Steam account

In fact I would prefer contact through steam as it means we can get things figured out pretty quick

Pricing and other info below cut

Now you’re asking yourself: What do these gifs cost you say? Well of cource it depends on what your asking for, but hey I’ll at least give some ballparks

1 key

Simple animation, Will probably be limited to Canon characters, but like i said it depends

2 keys

while not nessiaraly judged by animation level, there a heck of a lot more going on

3 keys


this one was massive to work on and there’s a lot going on


Why is this one 3 keys you ask? Because there are more frames used than a slandered gif


A lot is going to depend on what you want out of something. How many people are involved, Who the characters are, what level of animation is needed


Some things Might be worth more and I’ll bump up the price and add metal onto the total. That Gif of The Soldier and Medic butttouchin would probably be 2 keys and maybe 1 reclaimed, simply because of the amount of objects in it

I’m also on the hunt for certain Items so Just keep in mind that I’ll take things other than keys, but I’m still mostly looking for keys

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