QuestionThank you for not spoiling Meet the Pyro. I have no idea how you managed to make it for so long. You must have the patience of a saint. Answer

Sitting on these feels has not been easy for the last 2 weeks. I’m gonna roll around in them for a few more days and then

and then……


I’ve still got some Things I can’t talk about


  1. writingcyan said: AAAAARGH! Stop that! Stop that right now! Afskdhjdkdl! *Flails.*
  2. cappywashere said: I have changed my mind. Tobi is not a spy, she is the intelligence briefcase. One of us needs to kidnap her so we can learn all her devilish secrets. »
  3. atcdblu said: You’re a tease, but also a saint.
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